An experienced Sound Engineer specialising in Podcast Launches and Audio Editing.


  • Always reachable to provide clear, concise and personable communication.
  • A well-documented knack for making complex matters simple and digestible.

Wide Array of

  • Years of experience within different aspects of Sound Engineering, Editing and Design.
  • Capable of using this knowledge base to take on multiple aspects of a project.


  • Offering cheaper rates than larger companies due to less overhead.
  • Quotes tailored to each client’s needs which are always negotiable.

What I Do

Podcast Launching

  • I can help you with your podcast from its inception to its release, guiding you every step of the way so you can present a product you are proud of.
  • I will discuss your vision at length with you so we can optimise my involvement to fit around your abilities and schedule.
  • I will provide a personalised ‘Release Model’ for your podcast that will ensure it reaches your target audience in the most effective manner possible.
  • I will, with superb planning and expert execution, help your dream podcast grow and flourish.

Post-Production Services

  • I can edit, mix and master any audio you have in order to mould and polish it into a finalised, professional product.
  • I have had experience with both podcasts and audiobooks and can ensure your project not only meets but excels the standards and requirements of the industry.
  • I can fit around your schedule to ensure your project gets finished promptly and within your time-frame.
  • I will accept feedback and provide required changes free of charge to ensure you end up with a final product you are proud of.


  • I can compose music for your project to bring it to life.
  • I have had experience in composing for films, podcasts and radio and am familiar with the standard of quality required.
  • I will discuss your vision at length with you and use my genre-bending composition skills to create a piece that will fit the tone and brand of your project.
  • I will use my expert post-production skills in order to ensure the final product sounds professional and seamlessly fits into your project.

What I’ve Done

  • All
  • Composition
  • Podcast Launching
  • Post-Production

What Clients Say


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